XHMVC User guide

HMVC is a Hiererchical Model View Controller, where each module has it's own models, libraries, views, helpers. Each module have a unique entity, and have it's own purpose. In comparision to MVC, the picture shows the structure:

XHMVC is Cross Hiererchical Model View Controller a structure extension for wiredesignz HMVC, allowing a more re-usable components. Uses standard code, standard Codeginiter 2.1.3, standard HMVC 5.4, and comes with a common structure to put all your common modules to be reusable for all your codeigniter applications.

Your applications modules, controllers and models, can extend from common controllers and models, using all or part of their functionality:

In this picture, Application 1 have a module called 'other' that resides in common folder. For the welcome module, inherit the welcome controller and welcome model from common welcome module, and have it's own welcome_view.

Application 2, have it's own welcome_model, but the welcome controller and the welcome view resides in common folder. The 'other' module are all overrided.

Any combination can be made, total or partial inheritance, override part or all.

To allow an application to use a module, edit config/route.php file of your application and put the route/s as needed.